Tone Wheel Organ


The RD2000 has a tone wheel organ that is similar to the classic Hammond B2.  I say one, because there is a single set of tone wheel sounds.  While there are ten preset tones labeled TW organ, they are just different drawbar settings for the single tone wheel generator.

Here are the ten tone wheel presets:


Percussion is only turned on in the first tone.

All Mod/FX are set to T-Scream, but the default is off.

All Trem / Amp are set to Rotary, with the default on / slow.

The TW organs seems to run out of steam below C2.

This is an “interesting” set of choices for the preset tones.  7 and 9 differ by a single value in 4 foot.  I cannot hear any difference between the two.  10 can be achieved by “crescendo-ing” any of the other presets via the tone color — see below.

Tone Color

The tone color control for tone wheel organs functions as a crescendo control.  Increase the control above 64, and all draw bars are advanced proportionally from the preset values.  Decrease below 64, and the are decreased proportionally. 

When tone designer is active, this is assigned by default to the Mod Wheel 2.

When you advance tone color on either the “knob” or the mod wheel, the rotary kicks to fast about 125 or 126 on the tone wheel, one or two clicks before the max value of 127.

Program a Crescendo Pedal

The following adjustment will approximate a pipe organ crescendo pedal. It will allow you to add harmonics up to the max, but not decrease.

Assign your expression pedal to tone (default for the tone wheel programs is expression). Set the min value to 64, max to 124.

This will allow the pedal to only ADD as you press, and limit the value prior to kicking the rotary to fast. If you do not bring the min value up to 64, this will allow the pedal to back the stops all the way to zero volume.