Missing Features — Request for Operating System Update

Having spent a month with the RD-2000, trying to implement my own desired programs, and answer some of the questions on the forum, I propose three changes to the RD-2000 that would prove greatly useful.

1. Ability to separately load and save a collection of Scenes. Scenes are the most convenient way to select setups for performance, but there is no way to save and load separately. You can back up or load the entire memory, but that is not the same. What we need is a fairly quick load of scenes that can happen during a quick song break, etc. Brute force — load or save all 100 is good enough.

a. The program / scenes structure is not bad. You can have 300 programs saved, and move the 100 you need for performance to scenes. But when you are ready for the next 100, you have to move each one individually to a scene.

b. While programs and scenes are nearly identical, there is one critical problem — they have spilt the assignment for program up/down and scene up/down assignment. I like to use a pedal to sequence through programs and scenes. If you want unpredictable results, select program up while in a scene. Remember the last time you selected a program, it will jump to one higher. Ugh. (While in a program, scene up just gives an error message scene not selected.) So if you use pedals to change program / scenes, you always have to fix the program / scene change pedal assignments to be appropriate to where they are stored.

2. Related to #1 – There should be no difference between the program up/down and the scene up/down pedal assignments. When in program, it works on the program. When in scene, it works on scene. I can think of no useful situation where the current design is useful — being able to select program up/down in a scene, or vice versa.

3. Ability to move a tone from one zone to another. Lets say I have spent the time getting my TW organ exactly the way I want it. By default, we usually start in zone 1. But now I want to layer it with a V-piano. Oops, the V-piano has to be in zone 1. The only fix is to write it all down, then recreate in a different zone. A zone-swap program utility would be good.