Irritating Things To Learn to Live With

1.  The persistence of Tone Designer, especially when using the TW drawbars, is inconsistent. 

a.  Select a program.  Turn on Tone Designer.  Press Bank up / down button.  You are now editing the tone in a different program.  Instead of bank  up / down, press one touch piano.  You are now editing the piano in the current program.

b.  Using Program up / down pedal assignment will turn off tone designer, as will scene.

c.  There is no way for a a program / scene change to bring up the TW organ with drawbars active.  You have to select the program, press tone designer or shift / scene.  If you use a pedal program / scene for the next change, it will  be turned off for you.  If you use the buttons for program / scene change, you have to turn Tone Designer off first.

The most reliable way to turn off Tone Designer is by pressing the exit button or the Scene button.  You have to build the habit of turning off Tone Designer before trying to do anything else if you want predictable results.

2.  Related to #1, Tone Designer shares the Scene button.  Too many times I have been editing a TW scene, get the sound just right, then press the Scene button to write the scene.  In this case, the button turns off tone designer, does NOT select scene, and by that time I have pressed the button I intended to write the scene to.  Poof, my perfect TW organ has vanished.

3. Difference between Program Write and Scene Register.  When you write a program, the keyboard shifts to the new program.  When you write a scene, you stay in the previous scene.

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