Assigning functions to the buttons, knobs, and sliders

The RD-2000 provides the following controllers:

    • four pedal inputs
    • two mod wheels
    • one pitch bend / modulation lever
    • eight knobs
    • one assign button
    • a group of eight sliders

The eight knobs and assign button are also used by mod/fx, control, eq, and reverb / delay.  Likewise the eight sliders are also used by zone level and TW organ.  This section focused on behavior in assign mode.

There are four groups of behavior.

    • Sustain (damper) & Pitch Bend / Modulation
    • Pedals other than sustain and the two mod wheels
    • Knobs (1-8) & Assign (9) Button
    • Eight Sliders

Sustain / Pitch Bend

The functions assigned sustain pedal and the pitch bend / modulation lever cannot be changed, but the scope can be adjusted. 

Sustain provides sustain for all programs that recognize sustain.

Pitch bend is fixed to pitch bend.  The mod lever response is fixed in the specific RD-2000 tone.  (To do — determine what mod lever sends for external programs)

The scope of these controllers can be limited in the “Program Edit / Zone Edit” settings, to disable a specific internal or external zone response to the controller.

Pedal Scope
First column here shows scope setting for sustain (damper) by zone.
Control Scope
This shows the scope settings for pitch bend / mod wheel.
Note that pitch bend and mod can be scope limited separately.

There are separate main tabs for internal (1-8) and external (1-8) zones. Screenshots above show the internal selection.  The external screen looks similar.

Pedals (other than sustain) and Mod Wheels

These controls work similar to pitch bend and sustain, with ability to specify the function that  is controlled.  See figure on page 8 of the parameter guide for assignable functions.

The scope of these controls is set the same way as sustain above, in the “Program Edit / Zone Edit” menu, on the “Pedal Sw” and Ctrl Sw” tabs.

The function controlled is set in the “Program Edit / Assign” menu.

Zone Edit - Assign
Program Edit / Assign menu, showing functions assigned to the Mod Wheels.

Knobs (1-8) and Button (9)

Assign must be selected for these controls to implement assigned functions:

Knobs 1-8 and Button 9 Assign

The scope of these controls can specified in the program or dynamically selected by the Zone select buttons. 

This setting is in the “Control Destination” setting in the ‘System Edit” menu.

This is a global setting, and applies to all programs.  This setting also applies to the “Zone Effect” and “Control” settings.

Program” — the “Assign SW” settings in Zone edit select the zones targeted by the knobs and button.  Multiple zones can be targeted depending on the settings.

System Control.JPG
System edit, with “Program” option selected:
Assign Knob Scope
Zone Edit, with Knob 1 set to control zones 2-4, not zone 1.  If  System control destination is “Select,” this setting  is ignored.

Select” — the “Zone Select” switch determines the single zone controlled by knobs and button.  The zone can be selected dynamically during performance.

Zone Select Buttons
Zone selected here is the target of the knobs (1-8) and button (9)
Assign - Program
This is display turning knob 1 in “Program” mode — the zones selected above are shown, unselected zones are greyed out, along with the assigned function and current value.
Assign - Select
This is display turning knob 1 in “Select” mode — the specific “zone select” button selected is shown, along with the assigned function and current value.

Eight Sliders

Similar to the knobs (1-8) and button (9), the assign function must be selected for the sliders.  When the assign button is live, the function assigned to the sliders is operational, if the zone is active – i.e., Int / Ext light is illuminated.

Slider Assign

The eight sliders can be assigned a single function.  The assigned function is applied on the specific zone for the slider, internal or external as selected.

Assign - Slider
This is the single function assigned to all eight sliders.

The slider labeled USB audio is not assignable, it is fixed to control USB audio level and direction, although it can be borrowed by the TW Organ in Tone Designer.


Control Assign Summary
Summary of four behavior groups of assignable controllers

All selections are stored with the program, other than the System / Control Destination, which is a global setting.  The program will also store and recall the settings of the assign buttons necessary for the controls to be active.

Recommendation: experiment with these settings in a test program.  CC10 (pan) is a good control to assign to the knobs, sliders, and mod wheels, as program response to pan is consistent, and the scope can easily be heard in the headphones as a single zone or multiple zones pan.


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