Mostly noodle around on piano.  Owned CP-20 and SK-20 in 80s.  Traded up to Korg T-1, then sold that in 94 for a Steinway K52.  After many years, now moving to townhouse/condo, and Steinway will not make it up the stairs.  Selected the Roland, mostly because the only decent keyboard I could test drive at local Guitar Center, and the keyboard feel was good enough, and pianos adequate.  Really wanted to test drive a SK-1 73/88, but none anywhere in the desert.

Piano lessons throughout elementary and junior high school.  In high school, took organ lessons from Church Music Director (not sure how much stuck, or why he was so patient with such a poor student.)

Working to build the sound “bath” you get sitting in front of the K52 fully open, or when left unsupervised with the church organ.  Getting there — follow to see how it comes out.

On a journey to learn both the RD-2000 and Word Press.